Peace Forest Planting in Kavanagh Country

10478555_10153087312270751_3287026610592795223_nOn Saturday 28th March, John Haughton, Environmental and Ecology Officer in Rotary Ireland and the Honorary President of Forest Friends Ireland, together with members of the Patrick Kavanagh Society and the Patrick Kavanagh Centre planted a row of poplar trees in view of the Kavanagh homestead. The planting was part of the Cross Border Peace Forest, a community driven initiative to plant trees along the border in memory of all those who died during the troubles. Poplar trees were chosen for Kavanagh Country as Patrick often wrote of the poplar row planted by his father just yards from this spot.


I walked under the tall poplars that my father planted
On a day in April when I was a boy
Running beside the heap of saplings
From which he picked the straightest spears of sky.
The sun was shining that day
As he shone for the Tuatha De Danann
And no one was old or sad
For life was just beginning.

Patrick Kavanagh

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