Irish Architecture Awards 2015

Publicity_Shot_Sheridan_Woods_Kavanagh_Country_Sheridan_Woods_Rock_Savage_Herringbone_WallThe Patrick Kavanagh Centre is delighted to announce that the herringbone wall at Rocksavage has won the Public Space Category Award at the RIAI Irish Architecture Awards 2015. It was entered by Sheridan Woods, Architects and Urban Planners, and was a highlight in their Literary Landscape Character Assessment and Management Plan for Kavanagh Country. The Plan which was funded by Cavan Monaghan Leader Company won a commendation at the Irish Planning Institute National Planning Awards 2013/14.

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Kavanagh Country Literary Landscape Character Assessment and Management Plan was an initiative taken by the Inniskeen Enterprise Development Group (IEDG), and The Patrick Kavanagh Rural & Literary Resource Centre in recognition of the historical and cultural importance of the existing physical landscape that influenced Patrick Kavanagh. The IEDG is a not-for-profit organisation whose principal activity lies in the development of Inniskeen and its environs as a tourist destination, with the life and works of Patrick Kavanagh as its unique selling point.

The objective of the Plan was to assist the IEDG to engage and inform the public of the existing built and natural landscape that influenced Patrick Kavanagh in order to enhance the visitors understanding of both the literature and the man himself, with a wider objective to raise public awareness, stakeholder awareness and various agencies of the importance of protecting this landscape and securing the sustainable future of this physical and cultural heritage. The underlying objective is to define the ordinary elements of the landscape and vernacular, the ‘habitual and banal’ that inspired Patrick Kavanagh in his work, and to identify ways to make Kavanagh Country and the associated sites accessible while conserving and preserving the heritage value that they retain.

Patrick Kavanagh lived in Mucker, a townland approximately one mile outside the village of Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. Patrick Kavanagh wrote extensively of life in rural Ireland in the early 20th Centruy, and especially of farming the family’s small holding. Sites mentioned in the poet’s most loved verses are still intact and are visible from the adjoining roadways. The sites are well known locally however prior to the preparation of this Plan, there was no formal documentation to identify them, no scaled map to locate them, and few of the sites have statutory protection. Further there was little interpretative material available. The purpose of the Landscape Character Assessment and Management Plan was as follows:

  • To identify the physical sites relating to the life and work of Patrick Kavanagh,
  • To record how these sites would have appeared at the time of Kavanagh’s writing.
  • To Identify works required to conserve and protect identified sites,
  • To identify how sites could be made accessible to visitors both physically and conceptual.

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